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She's just like everyone else you've meet. A worshiper of a great band called Coldplay. Have fun is suck her favourite things to do, not often. She's biggest obsession is to travel the world with someone she loved. Part time lover and full time friends. And by the way, don't hurt her feeling she's bad at forgive

Happy mother's day

It’s almost mother’s day here. Happy mother’s day to the best mom in the whole world, i love you mom! For all moms out there, your never ending patience and love make you as one of the greatest person in the world. And happy mother’s day to all the moms in the world! I'm the luckiest daughter to have a super mom like you!

Mother is the bank where we deposit all our happiness, sadness and worries. I love you, you're the best person in my live, you're the one who had raised me since childhood, thank you for all you have done,I hope you will stay with me forever, mom.

My mom is the most wonderful and beautiful person i know and she's so generous and compassionate and while i might not agree with some of the things she does, i will never be able to thank her enough for what she does for me.

She has taught me to always take care of myself, from the inside and out. She has taught me that keeping the space around me neat and organized keeps my mind clear also. She has taught me to hand wash silk, to sew up seams, to shine my shoes. Her wisdom and her words stay with me always.

Despite our turbulences, despite our difference, despite all the times where one of us feels frustrated and misunderstood, my mother is my one constant, more than flesh and blood, she is my rock.

"You always clean what i've done
I leave upon the room.
I seem to make a mess of things
Because I’m so small.
The years will pass so quickly,
I’ll soon be grow like you.
So you’ll recall the very day
I made this just for you."

My mother was the most beautiful woman i ever saw. All i am i owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education i received from her.
George Washington

Rumah ku istana ku

Bye! See you in another post ya :)

It's sketches not doodle

Hai Barbies. Masak kan gue lagi browsing siang-siang tadi nemu semacam drawing online. Namanya sketch odopod. Featured nya keren-keren banget. Dan yang jadi featured di situ emang jago-jago gambar banget lah. Tapi yang jadi masalah nya disini adalah gue. Iya gue sama sekali gak bisa gambar. Karena hasil nya pasti bakal jadi...well, cacat! Dunia ini emang gak adil. Emmm, gue udah coba gambar-gambar tapi hasil nya....well, cacat! Dunia lagi-lagi gak adil. So, barbz! shall we take a look?

Ini nih yang paling gue senengin. Keren abis.


Keren ya? Yoi. Rasanya itu kalo bisa gambar bagus itu kayak.... emmm lo gambar terus hasil nya bagus (gue emang payah soal perandaian) Cobain ya odosketch nya. See ya~

A perfect guy

Someone who ...
▾ texts you first
▾ loves to cuddle
▾ has an adorable laugh
▾ plays drums
▾ lets you fall asleep in his lap
▾ kisses you on the forehead
▾ says to his friends 'That's her'
▾ sings specially for you
▾ hugs you from behind
▾ knows you from His friend
▾ has the same taste of music as you
▾ really cares for you
▾ gives you surprises on your birthday
▾ loves kids
▾ loves to smell your hair while you're in his arm
▾ tells you everything he feels
▾ gives you 'good night' and 'good moring' greetings everyday
▾ lets you cry in his hug
▾ has an amazing smile
▾ calms you down when you're mad
▾ promised to marry you
▾ cries when he made you cry alot
▾ doesn't smoke
▾ never lies to you

That's what I'm looking for. Someone who got those 24 points. The one that I'll never found. I've found him but, he's lost.


With love, Wynni Noveria.