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She's just like everyone else you've meet. A worshiper of a great band called Coldplay. Have fun is suck her favourite things to do, not often. She's biggest obsession is to travel the world with someone she loved. Part time lover and full time friends. And by the way, don't hurt her feeling she's bad at forgive

Getting closer to exam test

Halo there.

Sekarang sekitar jam 10:04 PM di Bontang. Udah tengah malem dan udah harus tidur sebenernya. Tapi nggak tau karena apa gue ngerasa "frustasi" banget aja, atau emang susah tidur? Enggak sama sekali loh. H-4 sampai menuju Exam, 30-05-2012. I'm so not ready sebenernya buat pelajaran Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Bio. Itu bukan sengaja loh ya, bukan karena tidak menyukai mata pelajaran IPA tapi ini serius dari lubuk hari yang paling dalam. However, persiapan dan niat buat belajar dari jauh-jauh hari itu udah ada banget. Mulai dari tanya-tanya kisi-kisi soal apa aja yang bakal diujikan sampe frustasi kayak sekarang ini. Huftness.

So, ini kan ujian kenaikan kelas ke grade 11. Gue harap bisa naik kelas dengan nilai yang memuaskan, masuk Social 1. Amin ya rabbal allamin. Wish me so much luck, loves you.

Keep Calm and Do the best.

The biggest fear

Me: "Nooo, i'm not going to cut my hair mom"
Mom: "But you should, let me cut in the bathroom dear"

When i was two years old my biggest fear is Haircut day. I'm about to cry when my mom try to cut my hair. And i don't why, maybe the scissors that i scared about. It's like take a part of your self and sometimes missing about it. Yes, i am a coward that day and still i'm. My mom always cut my hair shorter than ever, she says i look so lovely in that short hair. Lol. But for now, i just miss that moment full of laugh, tears, smile,


"Despite the cheating, lies and the way things didn't work out, I still love you for who you are, and whether you willingly admit it, I know there is a place in your heart for me. You lock it away and sometimes disregard it, its not enough to reject other women by, but it's enough to remember me by."
 No. I will not think of her today. I will not. I found someone that is nothing like you. I’ve been trying to forget you, but I still remember you every day, every sad song, every romantic movie, I remember about you every day. And I hate you. I hate you because you never came back for me, you never gave me a last smile. You never fought for me. I always knew it was bound to end, but I'm glad we meet.

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It's a constant battle

I don't like

the memories
because the tears
come easily,
and once again I break
my promise
to myself for this day.

It's a constant battle.

A war between
remembering         and forgetting.